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Safety Surfacing for Splash Pads & Water Parks

Safety surfacing designed with non-slip, chemical-resistant technology for splash pads, water parks, and aquatic areas. Specialized for high color retention, wear, UV, and chlorine resistance.

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Deck Armor 1

Deck Armor I

Deck Armor I is a high-performance alipathic polyurethane used for floor and deck coating in interior and exterior water parks and theme applications. Known for superior color, UV, and wear resistance. Deck Armor I is chemical-resistant to chlorine and provides an anti-slip, scruff-resistant surface for long-term performance.

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Deck Armor 2

Deck Armor II

Deck Armor II is a decorative, single-package flexible coating system that incorporates rubber granules for non-slip properties and provides a softer feel. This system is based on a flexible, water-based color and gloss retentive polyurethane coating system. It is easy to apply with a roller or hopper spray gun and comes in a wide variety of bright colors.

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Deck Armor III

Deck Armor III

Deck Armor III is a flexible, three-step decorative non-slip system. This starts with a solventless polyurethane base coat, followed by decorative beads thrown into the wet base coat. Once cured, the excess beads are vacuumed off, and a clear topcoat is applied. This system is commonly used for splash pads, pool decks, and locker rooms.

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