Rock Features

The typical rock coloring process used by contractors is done with conventional water based acrylic paints and these paint were never designed for constant wet conditions. The water ways darken and the accent colors fade fast.

Pool Color and Clear Coat System

Waterpark Tech has developed the next geneeration of paints for water features. The system is comprised of a a water base polyurethane coating for the base color and accent colors and then top coated with a clear flat gloss clear polyurethane coat. The system is resistance to high UV and Chlorinated pool water. In addition, The system will not darken in the water areas like conventional systems and the system will retain its coloring for 3-4 times the typical system

Faux Rock Replication

Maybe restoring rocks is not enough. Check out our faux rock panels. We sell everything from limestone panels to create that perfec waterfall look or stacked stone, brick or woood panels for whatever your needs are. We even sell tree bark to help create the perfect oasis.

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